Indianapolis, IN

Halie and Dusty are some of our closest friends here in Indy and I couldn't have been more ecstatic to do their engagements for them. I'd known when the proposal was coming, and so, naturally, I threw a hail mary at Dusty and said I was available for eventual engagement photos if they didn't have anyone in mind come time to do them. Not even two seconds later I got a "duh" from him in my inbox like it was obvious, but I'm not one to assume, so I had to "shoot my shot" as the kids say.

Fast forward several weeks. Halie and Dusty are engaged and she and I start talking about engagement photos and what she's looking for in her photographer and where she wants them taken. (Yes, I double checked to make sure Halie didn't want anyone else to do them because guys: no matter what you say, the bride makes the decision in the end and has every right to change her mind as many times as she likes.) Fortunately she didn't want to let me off the hook, and we continued the planning stages for the engagements.

I've been through a lot of planning sessions with clients and I'm more than happy to come up with locations and whatever is needed, but when I say Halie absolutely knocked it out of the park planning-wise for this session, I 100% mean it. She had such great vision and had some fantastic locations in mind, and from those ideas we narrowed it down to Holcomb Gardens and The Biltwell (their future wedding venue) for two perfectly different scenic spots.

We had some great cloudy weather while at the gardens to give us some more moody portraits under the trees, and had plenty of sun peeking in and out of the clouds for our session at The Biltwell. It really was such a great mix of weather, and these two made the entire session so fun and easy. We even had their fur baby, Milo, out for some of the photos in the garden. (Sidenote: Please bring your dogs to sessions. I am all about it.)

There were so many good photos to come out of this session, but I think my favorite was taken when we were actually on our way home after it was all said and done - or so I thought. The sunset suddenly changed from bright orange to a mix of oranges and pinks and purples while we were driving, so I found an opening in the trees on the literal side of the road just in time to capture a few pictures with the beautiful colors behind them. That probably wasn't Halie or Dusty's favorite part by any means, but it yielded an amazing photo and a moment they'll never forget!

I've shared some of my favorites from their session along with the infamous sunset side-of-the-road photo below. Enjoy! :)